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The 1st online wholesale shop for packaging of Cosmetics, Food and Beverages



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Our Company

Wholesale and retail market of packaging for food, beverages and cosmetics.

Smart Trade is a constantly developing company which does business in the field of packaging for food, beverages and cosmetics. We have a big variety of products, such as bottles, jars, caps, corks and other packaging materials. The cornerstones that make us leaders are:

Our experience. During the past 9 years we have managed to conquer the competition and create value detecting your needs and providing you with the right product in the right price.

The consistency in Smart Trade. We operate methodically and automatically to satisfy your needs in the minimum time and with minimum flaws. Until now, 100% of our customers are completely satisfied with the delivery time. This is proved by our constantly increasing customer base.

Service is a very important value of our company and that is why we have updated our website so that it is user friendly and operational, with daily updates. It contains all of our products (bottles, jars, caps). Our support department is always available to help you in our call center.

The prices that we offer are the most competitive and we make a daily effort to keep them at the best level. We constantly search to provide you with the best quality, aesthetics and price, so that you have a good “value for money”.

Our goal is to improve our services and to obtain the highest quality of our products.

We are sure that systematic actions that increase the level of your satisfaction will allow us to maximize the satisfaction of your customers in the field of packaging delivered.

In Smart Trade we address to all kinds of professionals who need to bring out their products at the best price, such as:

  • Wineries, packing plants and everyone who wants to bottle wine and liquor will find bottles, corks and caps of every dimension.
  • Perfumeries: Perfume bottles with spray, bottles with droppers and bottles for essential oils.
  • Housewives: Jars for sauces, sweets, liquor, aluminum caps for jars they already have.
  • Beekeepers: Bottles with their caps, with the volume of 1/2 kilo, 1 kilo etc., spoons and dippers.
  • Packaging plants of spices and herbs: Bottles for spices with mills and sieves, packets and bags Doy-pack.
  • Cosmetics producers: Glass and plastic bottles for creams.
  • Packaging plants for olive oil: A big variety of new and special bottles and caps for olive oil.
  • Social event organizers (marriage, christenings): Little pots for sweets and treats, honey and bottles for wine or other alcoholic beverages etc.
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